Project Reviews

by profcomsharedeconomy


After the success of our first group presentation, we completed a mid-project review to reflect on our group’s strengths, weakness and what we can improve on for our next presentation in two weeks time.  We began by identifying the three key strengths that we discovered when working as a group for the first time.  From this, we were able to formulate a plan in order to maximise our group’s potential and succeed in the final presentation.

As a group, we established that the team collaborated effectively and took a holistic approach to the assignment. There were no disputes and everyone’s opinion was acknowledged with respect. Moreover, each group member was both admirable and understanding when receiving constructive criticism. If there were to be a dispute we are all under the assumption that it would be resolvable and well managed.

Communication between team members was effective through the group Facebook chat, on which team members were respectful and insightful. Furthermore, consistent and regular group meetings allowed for effective collaboration and efficient completion of work relative to the assignment. The workload was also balanced between team members, which allowed for a more efficient completion of the overall assignment.

We are all diverse in our skills and knowledge regarding certain subjects. Therefore, this created a dynamic and diverse learning space in which we could creatively expand on our ideas. In this way, we have all agreed that there is not a clear leader within our group, rather an individual team member may assume the role as necessary.

We are all under the assumption that the presentation went smoothly. We were fairly well prepared and thus the delivery of our research and ideas was effective. We struggled with compressing our research into a succinct presentation within the time limit. Consequently, we did go over the time limit by approximately one minute. For the final presentation, we would like to be more succinct in order to remain within the ten minute time limit.

Overall despite having succeeded in the presentation there were areas of weakness that we have outlined as a group. The most significant group weakness was that we became easily distracted at group meetings. The distraction resulted in a less efficient use of time and consequently the group meetings were extended in order to complete work. While we did complete the work to a high standard, there was an unnecessary expenditure of time in completing such work.

In analysing our areas of weakness we were able to identify areas of improvement in order to succeed in the final presentation. We have decided that we need to create an agenda for the group meetings, in order to minimise distraction and efficiently complete necessary work. Furthermore, we have decided that we need to create a deadline for completion of work in order to allow for presentation rehearsal time. This ensures that we will stay within the time limit in the final presentation.

Summarily, we collaborate well as a group and have succeeded in the first presentation due to effective communication and organisation. We hope to continue on with this level of collaboration leading up to the final presentation. To improve we intend to utilise our time more effectively in order to be more productive.


The workshop after the final presentation is when we first realised that the pitch ideas presented in our first presentation were not as specific and creative as we’d first thought. We were therefore encouraged to think outside the box and develop ideas that better focus on the specific audiences we hoped to target. This is where we came up with the idea for a Q&A special and a tv advertisement against the services of Airbnb. Although we were at the time very confident in these ideas we realised through talking to Jan and Cangie that these were still not as succinct and refined as we could be. Following this feedback our group felt unmotivated and flat. In hindsight, the ideas were quite generic and we all agree that our decision to change our pitch ideas during the seminar on Monday the 16th May was the right one – even though it resulted in our having a significantly shorter period to develop these pitches. These were to have a banner advertisement coming from the TAA (Tourism Accommodation Australia) and a documentary exploring the reality of the shared economy. After receiving praise for these ideas we then made it a priority to meet up as a group as regularly as possible to discuss these ideas, challenging and critiquing them so that they became as strong as possible.

Our work ethic faltered slightly during the beginning of the second section whereby we became over confident after receiving the result of our last presentation. This lead to us being behind schedule in the development of our ideas and meant that we only had a limited amount of time to work on our ideas before the final pitch. Once we came to this realisation the group dedicated as much time as we could towards creating work that matched the standard of our last presentation. In the end we created work that we are extremely proud of and shows that although we may have doubted the effort needed for this assignment we were able to pull it all together and create pitches that we were confident in.

The main aspect of the presentation that we decided to focus on was keeping it within the designated time limit as this was something we were unsuccessful at doing in the first presentation. We succeeded in this goal as our presentation was less than ten minutes reflecting the time we took to practice the presentation before our final pitch.

The teamwork of our group is what allowed us to create work so effectively and the friendship we were able to form allowed us to always solve any problems we were faced with. We were determined to create work of a high standard throughout the entire process and our ability to do so is reflective of the constant communication we had. The team agreement was followed at all times and much of it was unneeded as there were no disagreements within the group that needed to be sorted out. All of these things have lead to us creating work that we’re all very proud of and has allowed us to see just how important a good work ethic and effective communication can be within a group assessment task.