Team Agreemnet

by profcomsharedeconomy

As team members for the Professional Communications: Contemporary Approaches to Media and Communications assignment 3, we each agree to abide by the following statements in our united effort to effectively complete this task.



Team members must make use of the group message on Facebook in communicating with fellow team members. Inability to complete tasks, attend classes or attend meetings must be shared with the team in the group message. Any questions, concerns, recommendations or ideas should be shared with the team and each issue or idea must be comprehensively discussed by all members of the team, with preference being a face to face discussion. Should a group member require assistance with their task, it is expected that they request it and a member of the team who feels capable offers assistance. It is expected that any disputes be addressed in the methods mentioned below.



The official meeting time for this group is every Tuesday at 4pm in the breakout space of Building 9. It is expected that each member attend this meeting and come prepared to complete tasks as outlined in the weekly agenda – which will be created every Friday during class. This means that necessary stationery, equipment and prior research or work will be brought to the meeting.

Minutes will be taken by a team member who volunteers at the beginning of each team meeting. Team meetings are to be confirmed each Monday evening in the group Facebook message.



Tasks are to be distributed by way of volunteering and allocation based on skills. Team members must complete their tasks in a timely fashion and to an acceptable standard. Team members should be open to constructive criticism or recommendations by fellow teammates and any concerns should be taken into consideration when completing set tasks. Any questions or apprehensions relating to tasks must be raised with the team and clarified.

Team members must acknowledge that time must be allocated to completing work and in this time, mucking around is to be kept to a minimum.



Every team member must be respectful of fellow team members. Any disagreements are to be discussed and resolved in a mature and respectful manner, with each party taking into consideration the validity of the other party/ies’ concerns or ideas. Opinions and ideas are to be welcomed and any criticisms must be presented constructively and with respect.

Above all, be kind, courteous and supportive of fellow team members – a happy team is a productive team!


Dispute Resolution Plan.

Should two or more members of the group be involved in a dispute over the methods used to complete the assignment or the content of the assignment, they are encouraged to first attempt resolution by group discussion, wherein all members of the team are present.

Should this fail to reach a resolution,

disputing parties must present their case to the team and a group vote in favor of the majority will determine the outcome.


If, at any point, a team member feels that their opinions are not being considered, that’s they are not being treated respectfully, or that a fellow group member is behaving inappropriately and in a manner which impedes productivity, the concerned team member is encouraged to first approach the individual in question and attempt a face to face discussion. Should this fail, this message (with the blanks filled in as factually and non-accusatorially as possible) should be sent on Facebook to the group:


Hi everyone.

So lately I have been feeling _____. This is because of an issue I have had with another member of the group regarding _____. If we could meet soon to discuss this issue, I would appreciate it.


The individual who believes they are the focus of this message shall not reply regarding the issue, rather a group meeting will be scheduled as soon as possible. Both parties will be able to present their sides to the rest of the group and all team members will attempt to reach a resolution together.


Should any of the above methods fail, Ekaterina must be contacted by a member of the group who is as detached from the issue as possible.