Meeting Notes

by profcomsharedeconomy

Meeting 1 – 26/4/2016 – 4 PM

Our topic is shared economy
Elliott and Gen created our group blog on WordPress
Isabella, Taras and Alyssa answered the research questions surrounding the issue
In using the research questions we created a PEST analysis table
Elliot and Gen polished our Team Agreement
Taras → Media
Alyssa → Advertising
Gen → Public Relations
Elliott → Journalism
Isabella → Journalism



Meeting 2 – 3/5/2016 – 4 PM

Today we began compiling our research information into slides for our presentation on Friday.

We all worked on refining our individual research tasks.

We also came up with additional ideas for our artefact pitches then assigned each pitch.


Media –Isabella

Public Relations – Gen and Elliott

Advertisement – Alyssa

Journalism – Taras



Meeting 3 – 4/5/2016 – 4:30pm

  • Continued working on presentation and made sure it complied with the marking rubric.
  • We emailed Ekaterina in regards to our presentation run time as we have an extra group member.
  • Updated our primary research on our blog
  • Received response from Ekaterina, we were forced to rearrange our presentation.

Changes are as followed:

  • We cut our second news article.
  • Now Isobella will present our topic and intro.
  • Gen, Elliott, Taras and Alyssa will then present our artefact research.
  • Then we will present our assigned artefact pitches.



Meeting 4 – 15/5/2016 – 2:30 PM

  • After the feedback given on Friday we decided as a group that we needed to redefine our ideas
  • In terms of our Media pitch, Elliott came across a VICE article that acted as the inspiration for our documentary idea
  • We then received consultation from Jan, where he gave us feedback on our idea and who we would pitch it to.   
  • After confirming our media pitch we then continue to redefine our advertising idea.  
  • We took on board the advice that Cangie gave us on Friday about what we want our audience to do after looking at our ad and came up with a new idea.  
  • We then received consultation from Cangie who gave us positive feedback and helped us to understand how we then develop our idea into a pitch
  • Leaving today’s seminar we decided that individual we were to continue to think about our ideas in order to develop the details in the next meeting.  



Meeting 5 – 17/5/2016 – 4 PM

  • Elliot worked on the media pitch idea
  • Isabella started the slide show and began adding information
  • Gen, Taras and Alyssa worked on Advertising ideas



Meeting 6 – 18/5/2016 – 2:30 PM

  • Finalised pitch ideas
  • Developed and finalised slide show